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Mintos Test

Willst du erfahren, wie du erfolgreich bei Mintos investieren kannst? Dann bist du hier genau richtig! Ich gebe dir in diesem Beitrag die. Mintos Test & Erfahrungen. Mintos ist die größte P2P-Plattformen in Europa. Obwohl die Plattform erst im Jahr gegründet wurde, liegen die. parentpagesnews.com​passives-einkommen/ TimeStamp: [] Zusammenfassung [] Disclaimer.

Mintos Erfahrungen und Testbericht

Wenn sich Gelder in Rückerforderung befinden, so heißt dies, dass der Darlehensanbahner, welcher den Kredit vergeben hat, auf Mintos suspendiert ist. Mintos im Test. Benutzerfreundlichkeit der Plattform. Mintos ist eine der besten Plattformen im Bereich des P2P-Lendings, die wir bisher getestet haben. Im Mintos Testbericht sind uns viele Aspekte positiv aufgefallen, die P2P Plattformen aus Deutschland so nicht haben, wie zum Beispiel eine Rückkaufgarantie.

Mintos Test 4 simple rules to reduce risk on Mintos Video

Mintos im großen Test I Die wichtigsten Fakten + Erfahrungen

Mintos makes P2P investing easy. Invest in your financial future and start earning passive income from our attractive interest rates. Essentially, the Mintos rating is made to make it easier for the average investor to understand the risk associated with a Mintos loan originator of a specific loan on the marketplace. If a loan originator has a bad rating, there could be a higher chance that they will not be able to fulfill their obligations like buying back loans with the buyback guarantee. Mintos rates these lenders from A to D (around 10 levels) based on company health, financial status, quality of loans. My first investment. Mintos lets me invest either manually in individual loans, either automatically, through an auto-invest profile or through their custom Invest&Access product. Mintos Invest and access Test ⚗️. With the latest setup, the Mintos “Invest and Access”, investors only have to set the amount they’d like to invest and money get invested instantly. I tried, it works. Mintos started operating in , but has experienced rapid growth due to getting a lot of things right and becoming popular with financial bloggers due to its ease of use and transparency. Mintos has raised a total of € 7 million – € 2 million seed funding in and € 5 million Series A funding in Über die P2P-Plattform Mintos können Anleger Geld in Kreditprojekte aus Osteuropa und anderen Ländern investieren. ▷ Jetzt in unserem Test informieren. Alles über den P2P Kredite Anbieter Mintos: Erfahrungen, Test, Vergleich und Risiken. Ist Mintos seriös? Mit Mintos in P2P Lending investieren. Mintos Erfahrung # Negative Bewertung von Anonym am Ich hatte € vor genau 1 Jahr als Test angelegt. Mintos Test & Erfahrungen. Mintos ist die größte P2P-Plattformen in Europa. Obwohl die Plattform erst im Jahr gegründet wurde, liegen die. 10/8/ · What is Mintos? Mintos is a Peer-to-Peer platform based in Latvia and is currently the largest Peer-to-Peer lending platform in Europe, with nearly 3 billion Euros worth of loans funded since the creation of the parentpagesnews.com currently have over investors, coming from all over the world. They also reached profitability back in , which is a very good sign for a Peer-to-Peer lending. Mintos is the biggest in the marketplace today when it comes to P2P investments and Multi lending platforms. They have been established since and are much bigger than all others in that section in Europe. At Mintos they have more than 5 Euros invested from over investors through their platform in March Mintos is safe and legit. Is definitely not a scam. In fact, is the biggest P2P lending platform in continental Europe, being very popular among P2P investors. However, like any other new investment, understanding the risks before investing is very important to have success and not lose your money. Da Mintos nur als eine Art Vermittler zwischen dem Kreditgeber und dem Investor agiert, sind eventuelle Schadensregulierungen schwierig. Die Kredite stammen vorwiegend Real. De/Heisse-Gewinne Osteuropa. Bei Zinssätzen von Gratis Schach die 11 bis Ganetwist Prozent p. Beim Einrichten des Autoinvest habe ich ein Youtube Tutorial zu Rate gezogen und schon war auch das kein Problem mehr. Instead of having to request a withdrawal and wait a few days for the money to get to their account minus potential feesinvestors will now be able to pay directly with their Mintos debit card. Our investment efforts for making this Mintos investing review resulted in the Match Fruit numbers:. To me, it seems like in both cases the investment is automatically handled by the Mintos Test, with the only difference that in Sainte Maure you have Solitär Ohne Anmeldung options Parolie customising.
Mintos Test In the following we will take a look at what measures have been taken to protect you Bubbleshoo an investor: How safe is the platform? Mintos Test ein Darlehensnehmer nicht zahlen kann, versucht natürlich der Kreditgeber die Forderung dennoch mit gesetzlichen Mitteln einzutreiben. This means that on the platform you get a unique opportunity Schalke 94 diversify your portfolio Mintos Test broadly as Tennis Auf Englisch want within the loan space. As for all platforms I review, I tried to withdraw money from the platform as N26 Sofortüberweisung. It took me a while to understand the Auto-Invest feature in the beginning. The risk assessment for Shooter 3 loan is made by the loan originator, and they also set up the interest rate. Liegt also das allgemeine Zinsniveau ohnehin schon hoch und die Bonität des Schuldners erreicht einen eher mittleren Wert, dann werden die Darlehenszinsen möglicherweise noch höher ausfallen. Mintos was one of the very first P2P platforms in Europe to introduce a secondary market to its investors. Investment Protection. My account overview on July 1st Mintos is a highly trusted platform and some people invest very large amounts there. Bin auch bei Mintos investiert.
Mintos Test

We are in this to get interest so keep this in mind. At Mintos they have a good variety of loans to invest in, actually 8 different types today.

So here you really can diversify depending upon your own criteria. Some of them are higher risk than others of course. The Loans can be backed with some kind of insurance from the borrower like cars, houses and other things.

Many Loan Originators also back a portion of the loans they post in some way, like a percentage also invested.

So they have skin in the game that also lets us know they have faith in the borrower. Mintos have finally released their mobile app now in February You can check statistics on your portfolio, deposit and withdraw directly from the app together with investing in loans.

It also lets you pick between light and dark mode for the apps background which is a nice touch. This is a good way to get easy access to your portfolio instead of using the web version on your phone and when you are on the move.

A nice feature they have in the app is that it will show you this and previous months returns in a graph below in the main screen.

This shows us again that Mintos is the leading P2P platform today making new things possible. This is an extra marketplace for the lenders at Mintos.

Here you can Sell or Buy loans with at a discount, premium or the same value it was. This gives you an option to sell off some loans for different reasons.

Or It can be that you want to change strategy and buy other loans. You can actually even earn extra on buying loans here with discounts or if your selling with a Premium.

The Secondary market and Primary market is around the same size so there is no shortage of loans. For the support at Mintos I only have good things to say.

I have been using their email support since before I even joined. Even though their FAQ section is well written and gives many answers, sometimes I just want to ask for reassurance.

Most of the time they answer within one day. I always gotten the answers I needed with good explanations and points. Just hope they keep this up now when they are expanding their business.

If you invest more than You will get an account manager at Mintos and top priority customer support. It took me a while to understand the Auto-Invest feature in the beginning.

This was due to the huge range of criteria you can choose from. This to keep it optimal for the re-investments being made everyday from the Auto-invest feature.

This feature makes things a lot more easy then sitting there everyday picking one and one loan manually, especially when you try and spread it out on as many loans you can.

Important to have the settings so there is enough loans matching your criteria. There is some things I see not so many talk about on the settings for the portfolios you set up for the auto invest.

Here you will get some points on the auto invest feature. How to keep it going and giving the highest rates for your critera. The portfolio size MUST be set over the amount you have otherwise it will not keep the ball rolling.

Say you start of today with a balance of Euros, if all is going to be invested through auto invest in one portfolio and keep doing so when you start getting the interest, it must be set to a higher amount then This mistake was one I made from the start.

In the beginning I used only one portfolio where I had interest from 9. I recommend to set up at least 3 portfolios, priorities them from Prio 1 and down with the highest interest first so that the system knows that you want the best interest if possible and then it can work itself down to next level and so on.

Also with this method you will get the highest percentages possible for the criterias you set up from the start.

I also keep making new portfolios and changing things up from time to time just to try and learn more. The auto invest feature is easy to pause, delete or change and will work directly after you confirm the changes you made to it.

Then you just priorities them on which one you want to be the first it should try and get loans to. On Mintos they have a good way to follow how much you get in interest and all things connected with the money flow on your account.

The Account statement page allows you to see every transaction in periods you decide. On the same page you will have under this statement a list of every transaction and loan information back in time.

I always post month to month updates in my blog to show how my investment is going at Mintos. I did my first withdrawal from Mintos in december just to try it out.

First, what you need to do is to open a free account on their website. This usually takes less than 5 minutes, including a step where they will ask you to verify your identity.

The next step is then to deposit money on your account to start investing. This is also really easy to do, as they provide different bank accounts that you can use to make them a transfer, depending on which currency you want to use.

As for all platforms I review, I tried to withdraw money from the platform as well. This went without any issues, and I had the money in my bank account in one day.

At the start, as I always recommend, I was investing manually in loans to see what were the different parameters.

However, I recommend to quickly start using the auto-invest function, as it will allow you to completely automate your investments on the platform and have a truly passive investment.

Here were my general settings for the portfolio:. It's not shown here, but I invest in loans from all countries, in the EUR currency, and of course only in loans that come with a buyback guarantee.

I also invest the smallest amount possible in each loan 10 Euros. This is great if you fear that your money will be stuck for long periods of time when investing in Peer-to-Peer lending.

They also advertise an average return of Bisher ist es noch nicht vorgekommen, dass Anleger trotz Rückkaufgarantie einen Kreditausfall erlitten.

P2P Kredite eignen sich ausgezeichnet als Ergänzung in der privaten Vermögensverwaltung. Die Mindestinvestitionssumme beträgt lediglich 10 Euro.

Wer beispielsweise Euro investiert, kann in 50 verschiedene Kredite investieren und erreicht damit eine umfangreiche Risikostreuung. Bei Zinssätzen von um die 11 bis 13 Prozent p.

Gleichzeitig ist sowohl die Website als auch der Support auf Deutsch verfügbar. Es gibt keinerlei Gebühren und unsere Erfahrung zeigt, dass Mintos seriös arbeitet.

Hier lohnt sich ggf. Der Handel mit spekulativen Anlageprodukten wie z. CFDs und Optionen birgt ein hohes Risiko. Ein Totalverlust Ihres Kapitals ist möglich.

Sie müssen für sich feststellen, ob Sie diese Produkte verstehen und ob Sie sich diese möglichen Verluste leisten können. Top 5 P2P-Kreditmarktplätze für Privatanleger 1.

Was sind Darlehensanbahner? Kann ich mein Geld verlieren? Wie kann ich bei Mintos Geld ein- und auszahlen?

Kann ich auch in andere Währungen investieren? Gibt es eine Mintos App? Gibt es einen Mintos Bonus für Einzahlungen? So funktioniert Mintos.

So sieht die P2P Kredit Plattform aus. Als Privatanleger in Kredite investieren 1. Einige Zahlen und Statistiken zu Mintos. Mintos, was ist das?

Wann erhalte ich bei Mintos Zinsen? Wann kommt die Mintos App? Top 5 Aktien Depots 1. This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies Agree.

Testbericht zu Iuvo. Testbericht zu Mintos. Testbericht zu Bondora. Testbericht zu Estateguru. Testbericht zu Viventor.

If you live up to the above requirements as an individual, you can invest through the platform. If you would like to invest as a company, this is also possible.

Because there are very few requirements to be allowed to invest through the platform, it is possible for the vast majority of people to invest via Mintos.

Below you can see a map of which countries the current investors are from. As you can see, Mintos is an almost world-wide platform with users spread all over the world.

So most likely, also you can reap the benefits of using Mintos. If the map is not marked with investors in your country, it does not necessarily mean that it is not possible for you to invest through the platform.

Would you like to sign up as a Mintos investor? Then click the button below to go from reading this Mintos review to actually investing on their platform:.

One of the first things you need to do when you start investing on Mintos is how you go about depositing money into your account.

This can be done using a lot of different methods, which are dependent on what country you are from.

When you for the first time start the depositing process, you will be asked to verify your identity with a national identity card EU only or passport.

When you have finished doing so, you will be able to select your desired method of depositing funds to Mintos. Before you can withdraw any money from Mintos, you must make sure that none of the money you want to withdraw is currently invested.

If you have some money you want to withdraw invested in P2P loans, you must first sell them on Mintos secondary marketplace.

You should be able to sell any loans within a short amount of time due to the high number of active investors on the secondary market.

When you no longer have your money invested on Mintos, you can easily withdraw it. You can only transfer money to accounts that are connected to your Mintos account.

All accounts which you have previously used to transfer money to Mintos are ready for you to withdraw to. This will connect that account to your Mintos account.

Withdrawing money from Mintos usually takes days. However, your bank or money service provider might charge a fee. Whether Mintos is safe to use depends primarily on 4 things: How safe the platform is, how safe the investments are, how safe the Mintos loan originators are, and how safe the company is.

In the following we will take a look at what measures have been taken to protect you as an investor:. As the first security-related thing in this Mintos review, we have taken a good hard look at how secure your account really is.

Here we found that you can use the Google Authenticator app or other apps that are compatible with Google Authenticator. Two-factor authentication can help to protect your account against unauthorised access to your account, phishing attacks, and many other cybercrimes.

When you have activated two-factor authentication, people who could have your password must also have access to your phone in order to log in.

The two-factor authentication security of your account is not mandatory. We highly recommend activating two-factor authentication on your account for maximum security.

If you activate two-factor authentication on your account, we believe that your account is fairly safe. To activate two-factor authentication on your Mintos account, you should just go to your accounts security settings.

Here you can choose to enable two-factor authentication. In this Mintos marketplace review, we also want to address what measures the company has made, in order to protect you as an investor, in regards to the alternative investments you can make on the platform.

Loan originators carry a potential risk for investors if their company lacks in management, finance, etc. Therefore the Mintos risk management team always performs a complete risk assessment of any loan originator wanting to join their platform.

In their due diligence process of the loan originators, they perform a thorough analysis of the management quality, credit scoring, underwriting policies, financial statements, etc.

Even if the loan originator gets accepted by Mintos, the loan originator will continuously be evaluated. Here Eurocent actually ended up in bankruptcy.

It is therefore important for us to address the importance of diversifying between several loan originators. Another thing that Mintos practice to protect its investors is to require every loan originator to have skin in the game.

So in case of loans default, the loan originator also stands to lose money. In this way, it is ensured that there is no conflict of interest between the loan originators and investors.

So generally, you would want to look for loan originators with as high skin in the game as possible. Most lending companies on other competing platforms are required to keep a similar amount of skin in the game as on Mintos.

This indicates that Mintos loan originators use a bit more leverage and have less aligned incentives with investors than that one platform.

But compared to the rest of the competition, Mintos is still one of the platforms where you will find the most amount of skin in the game for the lending companies.

It is quite unlikely that all the loan originators will continue to do business without problems. Therefore, it is important that you diversify between them.

But Mintos has in recent years added new loan originators at a fast pace. So there should be plenty to choose from. A few years back, Mintos had some problems with a loan originator called Eurocent.

The company first encountered problems after just 4 months on the Mintos platform. Since then, Eurocent actually ended up in bankruptcy.

But in spite of the bankruptcy over half of the invested principal has been recovered for the investors. The case with Eurocent very well portrays the importance of investing in loans from more than just a provider.

It also shows very well that even though there are buyback guarantees on the loans, the guarantee is only as good as the company behind.

But in the case of Eurocent, over half of the invested principal was recovered. Mintos is transparent with its financial situation and is posting annual reports of the company behind the platform, AS Mintos Marketplace, on its website.

But in the years after , got back to being an unprofitable platform. This is probably mainly due to growth ambitions by the company.

Nevertheless, as a part of assessing how safe Mintos is, we have also taken a look at what happens in the worst-case scenario of Mintos folding:. If Mintos goes out of business, investors on the platform will get full insight into which transactions have been made on the P2P lending marketplace.

As a measure, transaction data is sent to the law firm FORT every month. Upon an unlikely bankruptcy from Mintos, this data will then be used to ensure that the loans are being managed properly by a liquidator or administrator.

Although Mintos has made many efforts to secure its investors, it is also important that you do something yourself.

The following points are quite essential to avoid a single point of failure and to protect yourself as an investor:.

Furthermore, you can secure yourself making fractional investments in several loans from different geographical locations, currencies, loan types, from many different loan originators.

It might sound like a big mouthful to do all that, but the Mintos auto-invest function makes this really easy.

Bonus tip: We tried to switch from one currency to another on the platform. It costed a semi-expensive exchange fee. It can, therefore, be a good idea to transfer money to the investment platform in the currency that you intend to invest with.

One of the better things about Mintos is definitely its autoinvestment feature. Using that feature, you can create a Mintos auto invest strategy, which allows you to invest in loans without spending much time on actually handling your P2P investments on a daily basis.

Our advice: Set up a Mintos auto invest strategy to select loans instead of cherry-picking loans on either the primary or secondary market.

Your time is probably better spent elsewhere instead of chasing chicken feed. You can either use one of the predefined Mintos investment strategies or make a custom one for yourself.

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